LBBW in Dubai.

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Welcome to the LBBW in Dubai

Dubai is not only a place from the tales of a Thousand and One Nights, but it is a business city of global significance.

German companies and their well-known products have an excellent reputation in Dubai and the Gulf states. This is why increasingly more of our valued corporate clients are entering this market.

LBBW’s Representative Office Middle East offers clients a wide range of services and assistance. This includes overviews of local banks, business contacts, advice on financial products, credit arranging and trade facilitation.


Landesbank Baden-Württemberg
Representative Office Middle East
No. 209, 2nd Floor, Tower II,
Al Fattan Currency House
Dubai International Financial Centre
P.O. Box 50 67 12
Dubai / UAE

Rabie Rafia
Chief Representative

Tel.: + 971 4 323 0650
Fax: + 971 4 323 0651