Institutional Customers

Institutional customers think big – and responsibly. LBBW advises and supports these investors with expertise and an eye for their special requirements.

Women and men in conversation: LBBW is the first address for institutional customers

LBBW's entire range of services is open to both companies and institutional customers. For example, this includes insurance companies, provident funds and pension funds, associations and capital investment companies and, not least, church institutions. Institutional customers are advised and supported by specialists in our sales units. Whether it concerns short-term or long-term investments, bonds or equities or the appropriate use of derivatives - together we always find the right solution.

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Knowledge is power: LBBW Research

Institutional clients are glad to make additional use of the expertise of our Solutions institutional clients unit - and the analyses of LBBW Research.

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Notebook with graphics: LBBW Markets delivers in-depth know-how

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The LBBW markets platform provides a comprehensive overview of our products and services.

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