Corporate clients

LBBW provides every corporate customer with the best possible service – be it a medium-sized business or a major corporation.

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Every company needs a partner who can help them overcome challenges. They need a partner with whose assistance they can turn a new product into a commercial success or a finance construction of a factory at their new location, one who advises them on strategic acquisitions and on taking their first steps in a foreign country. LBBW does all this and much more for its corporate customers, for global corporations, and for regionally based SMEs.

Corporate Finance: the best solution, the best offer

Some customers have a specific idea of that kind of financing is optimal for them. Others sit down with us and explore which method of financing is best for them. Our experts use a modular range of corporate finance services, a keen understanding of the market, and a widespread network of financial partners to find the best solution and offer for every need.

Corporate Finance focuses less on products and more on individual solutions and an end-to-end process. The LBBW Advisory team analyzes customers’ financial situations and recommends suitable financing options based on the results. When it comes time to put the plan into action, LBBW leverages its vast expertise. Whether the solution involves a syndicated loan or a promissory note loan, asset-backed securities (ABS) or supply chain finance – our Corporate Finance experts enable the use of comprehensive solutions, always in the best interests of our customers. What’s more, they call on specialized colleagues to carry out factoring or leasing arrangements.

We can be found where our customers are

As a universal bank, we provide the entire range of services that companies expect from their bank. We also work hard to exceed those expectations. For example, we venture into new areas, as proven by our innovative blockchain schuldschein loans and green bonds. Moreover, we can be found everywhere in the world where our customers do business – from Dubai to London to Shanghai. At 16 international locations in 15 countries, we support global players from Germany – small and medium-sized enterprises as well as multinational corporations.

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