Cash Management

If you have money, you need to be able to access it: LBBW's cash management division ensures liquidity and efficiency for you.

Hand with pen controls graphics on desk: Cash Management at LBBW
Hand with pen controls graphics on desk: Cash Management at LBBW

Cash inefficiency is a constant battle. The purpose of cash management is to keep this inefficiency to a minimum, specifically to make payment transactions as efficient as possible. The secondary task of a cash manager is almost more challenging, that is to be responsible for ensuring that companies have sufficient liquidity available at all times.

Our services

Ensuring the highest levels of liquidity and efficiency, while maintaining full transparency over all cash flows: These are the services offered by LBBW's cash management division.

Liquidity management

Liquidity is the basis for a company's ability to act. A company's success often hinges on being able to access its funds quickly, making this an extremely important matter.

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Payments management

When your business partners are based all over the world, it is important to maintain an overview and ensure that payment transactions are flowing smoothly.

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Electronic banking

If you want to have professional cash management processes, you need to have the right structures in place. Electronic banking is the means to this end.

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The products and services we offer to optimize your liquidity

It is essential for every company to maintain an overview of its current liquidity situation. Deficits must be offset and surpluses must be invested. This is why the company needs to have the right organizational structures in place. The key is transparency, preferably in real time. It is also important to clarify where and how many accounts are held by the company and for what purposes. Cash pooling is often the method of choice to reduce the number of accounts held in different countries, thereby generating more liquidity.

Cash management

Modern cash management is a swift process:

  • Electronic Banking makes processes more efficient and more transparent. But if you want to optimize the way you pay and collect invoices, you need additional cash management tools in your arsenal.
  • Modern financial management requires the right software: SFirm has a modular, flexible structure enabling it to be tailored to individual electronic banking needs.
  • SWIFT for Corporates is an internationally standardized communication network for the exchange of messages between LBBW and its Corporate Customers, using the Services MACUG or SCORE. When handling payment transactions in Germany and abroad it allows them to coordinate the account information of third-party banks or even have central access to all domestic and international accounts.
Woman looking at notebook: All guarantees at a glance thanks to LBBW's guarantee app

LBBW Corporates portal

Electronic banking at its best: The payments app is a central internet application that allows you to access extensive account information and transact payments inexpensively, securely and with ease. Click here to find out more about the payments app.

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Accounts and credit cards


People expect their business accounts to do much more than just offer a reliable means of processing payment transactions. Which is why LBBW gives its customers a variety of additional options.

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A product specifically for business customers – the CorporateWorld company credit card developed especially for business travelers by LBBW in conjunction with Mastercard and other partners.

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