The bank supplies the money, whether it is short-term liquidity or long-term investment that you require. LBBW gives its customers exactly what they need.

Man looks confident: The financing is working with LBBW
Man looks confident: The financing is working with LBBW

Banks fulfil a clearly defined role within society in that they supply companies and institutions with money when they need it. This makes them a key anchor of stability that shores up the economy. Providing companies and institutions with finance enables them to execute projects and tap new markets.

"The bank supplies the money" sounds like a flippant remark, but it accurately describes LBBW's core mission. By granting credit facilities, issuing bonds and arranging Schuldschein, and lending our support to project finance and acquisitions, we are helping companies and institutions move forward with their futures.

Our services

Investment finance

No matter how big your plans, LBBW can give your investments an added boost and lend your business activities a helping hand.

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Acquisition finance

It's about more than just mergers and acquisitions: LBBW helps both private equity investors and companies to make their acquisition plans a reality.

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Working capital finance and receivables

Do you need short-term liquidity? We can help with our lines of working capital finance and our leasing and factoring services.

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It's all about trust – and expertise. LBBW engages in a strategic dialogue with companies to help them move toward a successful future.

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Capital market finance

LBBW has top-notch connections to a large number of investors, making it the ideal partner for capital market finance – whether Schuldschein, bonds or asset-backed securities.

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Project finance

LBBW's project financiers arrange and finance energy and infrastructure projects in focus regions worldwide.

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Four people discuss: The heart of LBBW beats at Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance - the best solution and the best range of products and services

Some customers have a clear idea of the type of finance that is best suited to them. For other customers, we work together to figure out what type of finance they ideally need. With our modular range of corporate finance services, shrewd understanding of the market and broad network of finance partners and advisors, our experts make sure that we find the right solution and the right product or service to meet every need.

We think less in terms of products and more in terms of solutions, which is why we prefer to take an integrated approach: Our staff in the Advisory department closely analyze our customers' individual financial situations before suggesting – and implementing – a financing structure to match. We bring LBBW's diverse expertise to bear: Whether it is a syndicated loan or Schuldschein, factoring or leasing that you need – we can bring on board specialists from a range of LBBW departments. This means we can offer a comprehensive range of solutions – always keeping our customers in mind.