LBBW in Shanghai

LBBW now has its own operational branch in Shanghai. Our local team remains available to assist you – as it has been for over 20 years.

The city of Shanghai

As early as 2000, LBBW opened an office in Shanghai, China’s largest commercial and financial centre. Now, since September 2022, in addition to consultation and networking, via the LBBW Shanghai Branch we offer our customers a comprehensive range of important financial services, allowing us to deliver solutions tailored to their requirements.

Our Range of Services


  • CNY General Account
  • Foreign Currency Transaction Accounts (EUR, USD)
  • CNY Capital Account
  • Foreign Currency Capital Account (EUR, USD)


  • Term Deposit (CNY, EUR, USD)
  • Demand Deposit (CNY, EUR, USD)
  • 7-Day Call Deposit (CNY)


  • Working Capital Loans (CNY, EUR, USD) ≤ 1 year
  • Fixed Asset Loans (CNY, EUR, USD) ≤ 5 years
  • ECA Covered Export- and Import Finance (EUR, USD) ≤ 10 years, only Origination
  • Syndicated Loans (CNY, EUR, USD) ≤ 5 years
  • Umbrella Loans (CNY, EUR, USD)
    - Working Capital ≤ 1 year
    - Fixed Assets ≤ 5 years

Trade Finance

  • L/C Issuance (CNY, EUR, USD)
  • L/C Advising
  • L/C Confirmation open/silent (CNY, EUR, USD)
  • Documentary Collection Import/Export (CNY, EUR, USD)
  • Export Bill Discounting (CNY, EUR, USD)
  • Import Bill Advance (CNY, EUR, USD)
  • Guarantees – Payment, Warranty, Bid Bond etc. (CNY, EUR, USD)


  • Information about investments and the investment environment in China
  • Facilitating contacts with lawyers, business and tax consultants and with other German companies
  • Introductions to local banks
  • Financing the foundation of companies, the procurement of the necessary equity capital, financing in foreign currency, guarantees on loans with local banks
  • Account opening and loans with local banks
  • Support for trade with China, payment transactions and payment protection

Your Contact Person: We Kee Chong

LBBW contact icon

We Kee Chong

Head of China
Phone +65 6562-9262

Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg

LBBW Branch Shanghai
Rm 6401, 6402, 64th Floor
No.479 Lujiazui Ring Road
Shanghai 200120,
Peoples Republic of China

Above all, foreign trade is the engine that drives the economy.

International network

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