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If you have big plans, you need reliable partners. Financially strong and with a solid understanding of the market: LBBW arranges and finances complex projects.

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Do you have big plans in mind? Do you want to build a solar park or a wind park? Or invest in infrastructure projects like new railway lines or an airport renovation? Do you bid on PPP projects that involve working with the public sector to upgrade schools or hospitals? If you have ambitious projects, we have the suitable solution: LBBW executes capital-intensive projects with structured project finance.

With project finance, LBBW assumes some of the risk: Invested money plus interest is repaid primarily from future project cash flow. Lenders need to be convinced that the investment will be a successful one, which is why LBBW carries out extensive risk analyses. Agreements are also drafted such that the project risks are distributed adequately among the parties involved.

What do we finance?

Portfolio of LBBW project financing

Source: LBBW

More than just a lender

Our teams of experts in Stuttgart, Leipzig, London and New York work with you to structure and arrange your project finance solutions. Our specialists have extensive expertise about the particular challenges involved in advancing large-scale projects. They also develop comprehensive finance packages that take into account not only financing maturities and risks, but also interest rate hedging, cash management solutions, promotional funding and the involvement of further bank partners in a syndicate. We also work closely with colleagues from other departments on a regular basis on project finance matters.

5.7 bn euros is the value of the LBBW project financing portfolio (12/2019)

Where do we finance projects?

Portfolio of LBBW project finance

Source: LBBW

Our pronounced expertise, financial prowess, speed and reliability make us a valued financing partner for a number of large-scale projects.

We see the bigger picture. Real asset finance like this is not limited to project finance alone. Corporate customers and financial services providers rely on our long track record of expertise in commercial real estate and aircraft finance.

Syndication means that you get your finance from a single source as you would expect, in this case from LBBW. Let us care about the rest. We form a syndicate via our established syndication platform and, as the lead arranger, we are always available as your point of contact for all questions relating to your finance. The fact that we have managed syndicated finance deals with a volume of around EUR 9 billion to date speaks for itself.

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One of the biggest solar parks in the Netherlands

Google's data center in Eemshaven is powered by wind and solar energy. This solar power comes from neighboring Delfzijl, where Wirsol built a solar park, nearly as big as Munich’s famous “Oktoberfest”. EUR 40 million was invested, three quarters of which originated from project finance arranged by LBBW.

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