Foreign Payment Transactions

LBBW enables companies to send or receive money worldwide, and to draft or cash checks – in all common currencies.

Doing business requires liquidity. What use are plentiful financial buffers if companies cannot access them? All exporters know how difficult it can be to process payment transactions with foreign business partners, primarily for legal reasons.

It helps to have a global partner by your side: LBBW. Transaction banking is part of our core business. Our global network of correspondent banks allow us to make secure and rapid payments to almost any bank in any city and country of the world – including outside the eurozone and in foreign currencies.

Multiple accounts? Just one account!

We enjoy working with you to set up the organizational basis to make foreign payment transactions as efficient as possible – for the sake of liquidity. There are a number of things we need to clarify, such as where and how many accounts you hold and for what purposes. Cash pooling is often the method of choice to reduce the number of accounts held in different countries.

Equally useful are our state-of-the-art electronic banking options such as the payments app. This gives you a convenient, secure and cost-efficient way of making payment transactions, and allows you to retrieve a wide range of account information including for loan and guarantee accounts, securities accounts and term deposit accounts.

Maximum flexibility with transaction banking

The combination of the payments app and SFirm produces a number of innovative solutions. This multi-bank-enabled software has a modular structure and gives companies maximum flexibility for their electronic banking needs.

SFirm helps companies to manage their transaction banking in an optimum way electronically. And the SWIFT for Corporates service provides an internationally standardized procedure in MACUG and SCORE versions for LBBW and its customers to exchange messages. This allows them to coordinate the account information of foreign banks or even have central access to all foreign accounts. A word on accounts: Nowadays, people expect their business accounts to do much more than just offer a reliable means of processing payment transactions. Which is why LBBW gives its customers additional options such as foreign currency accounts in all common currencies.

With the above services, LBBW can rapidly and efficiently ensure liquidity across all national borders.

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