Quick Access to Liquidity: Loans and Receivables

Liquidity is important for all companies. LBBW's leasing and factoring options, ABS solutions and working capital finance will ensure you remain flexible.

The unexpected often happens and puts paid to all your plans. You suddenly find you are lacking the funds you need to push forward with an important project or pay an unexpectedly high invoice on time. This is where LBBW comes into play to provide you with suitable short-term solutions to get the liquidity you need – allowing companies to continue to act quickly and flexibly.

Options to help your company stay solvent

Working capital finance prevents you from coming under financial pressure in difficult situations, and ensures you retain your ability to act at all times. You decide which type of finance you want. LBBW offers all the usual forms of working capital finance:

  • Revolving credit facility: We provide you with a line of credit on your business account which you can draw down on at any time.
  • Money market loan: If you know what your borrowing requirements will be for a particular period, we can finance these with a money market loan. The interest rates depend on the contract terms, the amount borrowed and the term of the loan.
  • Discount loan: A discount loan can be used to convert your trade bills into liquidity. If you agree payment by bill of exchange with your supplier or customer you can present the bill of exchange to us for refinancing.
  • Bank guarantee: If your business partner is demanding a bank guarantee as security, you can count on us. We can provide you with any type of surety or guarantee within the scope of your working capital finance. Click here to find out more about LBBW's bank guarantees.
  • Syndicated loan: If you have big plans and are planning key strategic moves for the future, you can count on a syndicated loan, which involves multiple banks joining together to provide you with financial security and uniform credit terms. Companies like to use this type of credit facility as an anchor in their financing mix because syndicated loans provide them with the financial security they require to press ahead with new phases of growth while offering the greatest degree of flexibility.

Stay solvent without taking out a loan

If you want to remain – or become – solvent, you don't necessarily have to take out a loan. Factoring and ABS solutions are established alternatives.


High accounts receivable are a drain on your liquidity. Factoring allows you to convert receivables from domestic and export business into hard cash. Click here to find out more about LBBW's factoring options.

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ABS solutions

Asset-backed securities financing involves selling your accounts receivable as a bundle – with the selling price providing an immediate boost to your liquidity. Click here to find out more about LBBW's ABS solutions.

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