Are you interested in the economic situation in Brazil? Would you like to know more about the political risks in South Africa or about the investment climate in Vietnam? Our analyses will provide you with quick and concise information on economic and political developments worldwide. We have put together over 100 country reports for you. We update this information at least every six months for the most important economies, and every year for all the others.

What you will find in the reports:

  • A table of economic figures over multiple years, including forecasts and trends
  • An assessment of the figures, including an outlook
  • Information on the political situation
  • Analysis of economic performance at home and abroad
  • Analysis of the debt situation

Access our country reports here

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We assume no liability for the accuracy or completeness of the country reports. We do not allow reprinting or reproduction, not even for excerpts. The publications are based on generally accessible sources that we consider reliable but that cannot be checked by us. They reflect our non-binding opinions.

We will allow you to access the country report for Bangladesh without a password to show you an example.

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