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Welcome to the LBBW in Zurich

Switzerland ’s advanced economic development is primarily due to its liberal economic system, the country’s sound political status quo and its close ties with foreign economies. This is inextricably linked to the high quality of its technological innovations, its stable institutional landscape and its excellent infrastructure.

With its highly skilled labour force of individuals sporting superior linguistic skills, Switzerland possesses excellent infrastructure in the sectors of mechanical engineering, chemicals, logistics, biotechnology and foodstuffs.

Germany is Switzerland’s most important trading partner. Around 1,800 German companies conduct business in Switzerland.

LBBW’s Representative Office Zurich was established in 1997. Based in the Swiss financial hub, it provides assistance and support, on projects in Switzerland, to the LBBW Group’s and savings banks’ mid-sized business clients.


Landesbank Baden-Württemberg
Representative Office Zurich
c/o Zürcher Kantonalbank IFL
Josefstrasse 222
8010 Zurich

Robert Sonneborn
Chief Representative

Tel.: + 41 43 205-2617
Fax: + 41 43 205-2618