German Centre Mexico.


At first glance, it may only seem an ordinary office building but at second glance you will discover that it is much more than that: German Centre Mexico is the first contact for
German-speaking companies planning to set up a presence in Mexico.


Advice and services

  • Advice on market entry
  • Access to network and arranging of contacts such as business organizations and authorities
  • Promotion of exchange of experiences and networking

Offices and rooms

  • Offices ranging from single desk spaces to individually designed rooms.
  • Showrooms, exhibition and storage areas
  • Social areas
  • Seminar and conference rooms
  • The address »German Centre« stands for quality and is highly appreciated by customers of the tenant community
  • High safety standards within and around the premises

Networking inside the premises and beyond

  • LBBW Mexico is located within the German Centre. Service providers such as the German Chamber of Commerce, law firms, tax and management consultants are available on the premises
  • The management of the German Centre actively arranges the cooperation with the German Chamber of Commerce, with embassies and trade associations and thus enables access to networks essential for German-speaking companies - whether tenants or not

German Centre Mexico
Office 1-2-06
Av. Santa Fe N° 170
01219 Ciudad de Méxiko

Jimena Kreusler
Head of Business Development

Tel.:+52 55 9172 9210
Fax: +52 55 9172 9211