Liquidity from accounts receivable

Factoring has increased in importance as an additional component in corporate financing over the last few years. With factoring, your accounts receivable both from domestic and foreign business activities can be converted into free cash, and this can have a critical impact on the financing structure of your company.

As factoring improves your financial and equity ratios it also has a positive effect on your company’s credit rating. In addition, you protect your company from losses on receivables, generate greater financial independence and make financial planning easier.

Our factoring solutions are personalized products tailored to the requirements of each company.

Your benefits

  • Liquidity: SüdFactoring buys your trade accounts receivable and pays the outstanding amount to you immediately after purchase.
  • Security: SüdFactoring assumes the full risk of default if your client should be unable to pay. This also applies to foreign receivables.
  • Partnership and Service: SüdFactoring takes responsibility for managing the accounts receivable, accounting, debt collection and the dunning process and provides you with a full data service.
  • Balance sheet optimization: The balance sheet is contracted by our acquisition of your accounts receivable and the financial ratios and equity ratio are improved.
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