Asset Management

Make the most of your money, whether you are a commercial or a retail customer. Handling your financial assets merits the kind of professionalism shown by LBBW AM

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The key is to invest money sensibly. To build up reserves. To shoulder future capital expenditure. To increase the company's value. To generate your target return with reasonable risk, our asset managers take a close look at your individual situation and future requirements and inspect the strategic and financial plans of your company. LBBW thereby ensures that it positions your financial assets in the best possible way, striking a fine balance between liquidity requirements, opportunities and risks.

Our services

Professional management for company pensions

Companies benefit from the extensive experience of LBBW Pensionsmanagement GmbH. Using an analysis of existing company pension schemes and the corporate strategy as a basis, it formulates individual options and actions them at your behest. LBBW Pension Management supplies the complete range of products that the LBBW Group has to offer and also acts as an independent broker of insurance products.

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Medium- and Long-Term Investments

Strategic liquidity is expected to contribute to earnings. Our liquidity and investment management specialists are there to help you plan your medium- and long-term financial investments.

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Short-Term Investments

Operating liquidity ensures ongoing business operations. LBBW offers a range of options to help you invest excess cash in the most flexible way.

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