Electronic Banking

Transactions and account management made easy: LBBW offers its customers tailored solutions for paying transactions and managing their finances.

If you want to run a successful business, you need to keep your finances under control at all times and manage your cash flows efficiently. This is all the more important for companies that do business with a number of customers or across several countries. Our electronic banking solutions will help you to maintain an overview and reduce unnecessary workload to enable you to focus on what counts – your business.

Woman looking at notebook: All guarantees at a glance thanks to LBBW's guarantee app

LBBW Corporates portal

The payments app of the Corporates portal allows you to access extensive account information and to transact payments inexpensively, securely and with ease.

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Our accounts

Make payments, safeguard liquidity: Our accounts provide you with everything you need for your daily business operations – including flexible investments with near-money-market interest rates.

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SFirm finance software

Every company has different requirements when it comes to modern financial management. SFirm allows you to choose the modules you need to meet your requirements. The software is therefore our all-rounder product.

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Other secure electronic banking options via HBCI

In addition to the Payments App for your payment transactions and the SFirm software for managing your finances, the HBCI standard is another communication channel that is available under our electronic banking services. You can use the HBCI service in combination with finance software to retrieve account information and execute transactions – in a straightforward and encrypted way.

Our acceptance times for electronic orders

Electronic banking is rapid banking. Our acceptance times give you an indication of the cut-off times by which you need to submit your orders to us for same-day processing of transfers and payment orders. Otherwise they will be processed on the following business day. They are available to download in PDF format here:

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