Medium- and Long-Term Investments

LBBW offers an all-round advisory concept for your strategic financial investments – because your money deserves nothing less

Return or flexibility? Preferably both. LBBW offers comprehensive expertise and advice to help you find the right answer to the question of which types of investment and which time frames are right for you and your company.

Not every option is right for everyone, which is why our experts assess not only current market developments, but also the accounting and business aims of your company. Using this as a basis, our liquidity and investment management specialist will work with you to formulate an all-round concept for your strategic financial investment.

Our portfolio contains bonds, shares, funds and related investment products as well as customized structured certificates, special funds and securities account options. With these options at its disposal, LBBW is in the best position to develop your financial investments in the right way, striking a fine balance between liquidity requirements, expected returns and investment timeframes.

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Michael Lohmüller

Michael Lohmüller

Head of Liquidity and Investment Management

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