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Man looks at tablet
Man looks at tablet

The Corporates-Portal is the central gateway for corporate customers of LBBW and BW-Bank. Here, you can request and amend guarantees, adjust credit lines of your corporate credit cards and benefit from comprehensive cash management functions.

Payments app

Everything you need for cash management.

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Guarantee app

What can the guarantee app do for you? Get further information here.

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Corporate credit card app

Gain an insight into all Corporate World corporate credit cards here. What else can the app do? See for yourself here.

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LBBW Token

Here you get all necessary information about the LBBW Token.

Frequently asked questions concerning the Corporates-Portal

The link "My user account is not active yet" will take you to a wizard that will guide you through the user initialization steps. The necessary steps can be found under LBBW Token.

Yes. As long as there is a connection to the Internet, the key can be generated on any computer. We recommend saving the key on an external data carrier (e.g. a USB stick) rather than on your computer.

The INI letter can be opened again on the Portal start page via the text link "...print the INI letter again".

You will need to add the URL as an exception in the popup settings for your browser.

  • The password has to be constituted of at least 8, maximum 20 characters.
  • The password should include uppercase and lowercase letters as weil as numbers.
  • Special characters are allowed.

Please consider the recommendations of Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) at

Yes, it is necessary to change the password after 90 days for security reasons. The necessary steps are explained in this guide

Please note: the Business-Portal memorises the last ten passwords.

For security reasons, the key is no longer accessed via a Java applet. This means that you have to select the location of the key when you log on. By logging on to the new release of the Business-Portal for the first time, the key has tobe updated. At the same time, you will need to change your password .

Please consider not to choose a password that was used in the past.

Otherwise there may appear the warning "Key not found". The necessary steps are explained in this guide.

Please note: this one-time process cannot be executed yet by using the browsers Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

  • Attention should be paid to the use of uppercase and lowercase characters.
  • The cap lock key should not be enabled because if it is enabled you will enter only uppercase letters.
  • One possibility is that the browser functionality "Save password" has been enabled and your old password is still stored. Please disable the browser function or delete the stored password.
  • Access to the key drive (A:\, B:\ or removable media) must be ensured. Please contact your system administrator for further assistance where necessary.
  • We always recommend using the latest browser version (see technical requirements).
  • The URL https://LBBW-Business.demay be blocked. In this case, you will need to enable the URL in the browser, the firewall or the proxy server. Please contact your system administrator for further assistance where necessary.

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