Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Growing responsibly, acting sustainably

LBBW understands that doing business goes beyond just the financial aspects to include responsibility for all of our actions: that is how we define sustainability. We are firmly convinced that sustainable development is the only way to create a secure future for coming generations.

The economy, the environment and the lives of each of us individuals are inseparably entwined - in our immediate surroundings, across borders, and around the world. Progress and economic success can be achieved for individuals and society as a whole far into the future only by creating stable and sustainable societal and ecological conditions. This applies equally to LBBW: We view sustainability as synonymous with the ability to cope with future challenges.

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Sustainability Report 2017

As a public-sector institution, we are committed to our mission to serve the common good. As a Landesbank, we are responsible for our region’s development. As a purely customer-focused bank, we want to actively contribute to the future viability of our economy and society. Sustainability is therefore an integral part of our corporate strategy and business policies.


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Sustainability Policy

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Sustainability Goals

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Modern Slavery Act

Silvia Weiß
Head of Sustainability Group
Phone: +49 711 127-42637