Investor relations

Figures on the bank: Here you can find all important reports relating to LBBW's financial and economic performance.

As an investor or business partner, you should always be kept in the picture as regards LBBW's business. We therefore do our best to present Group results and other IR-relevant business developments in an up-to-date, clear and compact form for you. So that you can keep an overview even when things need to move fast.

Public disclosure of inside information: As an issuer of financial instruments, LBBW is according to Art. 17 Par. 1 Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) required to inform as soon as possible the public of inside information that directly concerns LBBW.

Below you can find LBBW's ad-hoc notifications and a list of the International Securities Identification Numbers (ISIN) of the financial instruments issued by LBBW that are admitted to trading on a domestic organized market.

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Andreas Wein, Head of Funding & Investor Relations bei der LBBW

Andreas Wein

Head of Funding & Investor Relations
Tel.: +49 711 127-28113*

Peter Kammerer, Head of Investor Relations bei der LBBW

Peter Kammerer

Head of Investor Relations
Tel.: +49 711 127-75270*

Sabine Weilbach, Ansprechpartnerin für Investor Relations bei der LBBW

Sabine Weilbach

Investor Relations
Tel.: +49 711 127-75103*

Achim Walter, Ansprechpartner für International Funding bei der LBBW

Achim Walter

International Funding
Tel.: +49 711 127-75209*

* Telephone calls are recorded automatically.

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