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Figures on the bank: Here you can find all important reports relating to LBBW's financial and economic performance.

We have good news for you: In 2018, LBBW has developed in a positive manner and achieved a good result. Driven by a significant expansion of customer business and a decrease in costs, LBBW improved its consolidated profit before tax to EUR 558m in 2018. It shows us that we are on the right path as a company and above all as a strong and reliable service provider and partner for our customers.

In 2019 it is essential to refine the Bank’s strengths with the same amount of dedication and the same rigor. To do this in line with our strategic agenda and its four thrusts of business focus, digitalization, sustainability and agility. On the basis of LBBW’s stable foundations that it enjoys thanks to its balanced business model, long-standing customer relationships, solid capitalization and stable ownership. And with our ongoing willingness to repeatedly break new ground with our customers.

8.4 %

Consolidated profit before tax encreased by 8,4%

For reference: Our key figures

We want to ensure that you feel fully informed about our business and our figures. So in addition to the LBBW annual reports, we provide you with several other sets of figures and reports:

The full picture, year by year: The most important key figures and developments at the LBBW Group.

The mid-year management reports provide information on how LBBW's business has developed in the first half of the year.

The hard figures: Here you can view LBBW's balance sheet and its profit and loss based on accounting in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB).

Looking at LBBW's capital: We inform you every quarter of how our equity and leverage ratio are developing.

International business: The LBBW Group's revenues and profits outside Germany.

Adequate and market-oriented payments. Here we explain how remuneration works at LBBW.

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