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Figures on the bank: Here you can find all important reports relating to LBBW's financial and economic performance.

The 2020 financial year was an exceptional year. The coronavirus pandemic is a global challenge of historic proportions. In this exceptional situation, LBBW impressively demonstrated its ability to perform and provided maximum support to its customers. The bank also made good progress in its strategic cornerstones.

In operating business, our well-balanced universal bank model with four strong pillars proved its value yet again. Along with good operating income performance, we also reduced our costs through strict management and further improved our cost/income ratio. We also considerably expanded additions to allowances for losses on loans and advances. These include a considerable provision for potential loan defaults related to the pandemic. A significant individual case also had a negative impact. Nonetheless, the bank generated consolidated profit before tax of EUR 252 million. This shows that LBBW also copes well with exceptional strains. With a common equity Tier 1 (CET 1) capital ratio of 14.8%, our capitalization is still very robust.

14.8 %

Common equity Tier 1 capital ratio still very robust

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We want to ensure that you feel fully informed about our business and our figures. So in addition to the LBBW annual reports, we provide you with several other sets of figures and reports:

Looking at LBBW's capital: We inform you every quarter of how our equity and leverage ratio are developing.

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