Private Banking for Business.


Private banking for your business and for you as an entrepreneur

Are you the owner or managing director of a company? Are you looking for professional investment management both for your company and for yourself?

We look after asset-related issues for both your company and for you in your capacity as entrepreneur, director, manager or top executive, and for your family, too.

You profit from a flexible, dynamic and motivated team which deals continuously with those issues closest to your heart and is thus able to react to your requests and offer customized solutions over and above mere securities account management.

We draw up a strategic overall concept which efficiently exploits your operational and private potential.


Financial planning


Wealth which has been amassed over a long period is often structured in a complex fashion. It is therefore important to ask the following questions:

  • Is your capital sufficiently spread from a risk point of view?
  • Is the rate of return appropriate?
  • Can you fulfil your financial objectives?
  • What taxes do you pay?
  • Are your provisions for the future of good quality?
  • Are you using the option of transferring capital in good time before it's too late?

Our financial planning team can give you detailed answers to these and many other questions. The first step in our survey of your financial situation is an objective analysis of your fortune and income. We use this to draw up recommendations for action and identify future developments, always with an eye to your personal objectives.


Private and company retirement planning


The subject of retirement planning moved centre stage when the Riester plan to reform the German public pension system to was tabled. You as an entrepreneur have two factors to consider resulting from this reform:

  • Your private pension
  • Company retirement planning for your employees

The second aspect became relevant for any company employing staff who have to pay social insurance contributions when the Riester reform was introduced.

But private and company retirement planning need not be considered as two separate entities. We discuss the various company pension plans available, taking your personal interests into account at the same time.

This way you can optimize both your own retirement planning and that of your employees as early as possible.


Foundation management


In Germany, the concept of the foundation goes back to the Early Middle Ages, when a large number of wealthy families created charitable institutions. The earliest evidence of such foundations in this country goes back to the 9th century, and Baden-Württemberg’s oldest foundation was endowed in the 12th century.

A person who makes donations not only contributes capital, but usually brings a great amount of dedication, idealism and commitment to the cause. The creation of a foundation means more than a one-off donation. The idea behind it is to contribute in the long term to social change, and to safeguard the family or to provide a company with security through the generations.

Perhaps the promotion of a good cause lies close to your heart, too. Why not give your own personal ideals weight and create something worthwhile? Create your own foundation.

Achieve your goals with our help

Private banking’s foundation management team supports you from the word go. We spare you long speeches and come straight to the point. From planning and conception of the foundation through to support and administration - we coordinate all of the processes closely with you, and are more than happy to collaborate with your lawyer or accountant when it comes to implementation.

We advise and support you in your investment decisions to ensure that the foundation’s assets are preserved in the long term and that income is generated to fulfil the foundation’s objectives, not forgetting to include ecological, social and ethical factors in our considerations. We also provide asset management tailored to the specific needs of the foundation.

Do you feel motivated to leave something of yourself for posterity? Or would you like to optimize the investment of your foundation’s assets? Then ask your adviser about the BW Bank’s foundation management, or contact our experts directly. We are available for an in-depth discussion at any time.


Closed-end funds


A new type of investment fund has come to the fore over the last few years, the closed-end fund.

This type of investment offers you a much higher return on investment than the more traditional variety, particularly from a tax point of view. Our product range includes:

  • Real estate funds
  • Media funds
  • Wind power funds
  • Shipping investments
  • Private placements

In a closed-end fund the investor acquires shares in a business partnership which buys a particular commodity for long-term rental. Once the planned investment volume has been reached the fund is closed, i.e. no further investors are accepted. The investor therefore knows exactly where the money he has invested is going.

During the term of the fund, which differs according to its type, the investor receives annual dividends. The time of sale is determined by the shareholders and results in the simultaneous liquidation of the fund. The sales proceeds are distributed pro rata to the investors after deduction of any existing liabilities.

Corporate investment in a closed-end fund is possible from as little as EUR 15,000. Use the special potential offered by the weighting of opportunities and risks as the ideal addition to your investment portfolio.


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