LBBW Mexico turns 15

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“LBBW is celebrating the 15-year anniversary of its financing company, LBBW Mexico”, announced Len Crann, Head of the Americas Region for LBBW. Since 2008, LBBW Mexico S.A. de C.V. SOFOM E.N.R. has primarily focused on servicing its corporate clients from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland by providing local financing solutions to their subsidiaries in Mexico. LBBW Mexico also supports importers from the region with Trade and Export Finance solutions as well as Institutional Clients with Capital Markets solutions by leveraging LBBW’s leading position in Germany and through LBBW New York Branch.

“Mexico is becoming increasingly important as a strategic location for many of our customers. It is known for its skilled and readily available workforce, but Mexico has also grown to be an essential partner within the North American growth market” says Volker Helms who helped establish LBBW Mexico in 2008 and has been the General Manager since. LBBW Mexico is located at German Centre Mexico which provides an excellent infrastructure for companies expanding into the region.

LBBW Mexico turns 15

Local Contact

Landesbank Baden-Württemberg
Volker Helms
Managing Director of LBBW México SOFOM
Phone: +52 55 8421-1048
Mobile phone: +52 55 3232 1864
E-Mail: Volker.Helms@lbbw.com

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Alexander Braun, Press Officer of LBBW

Alexander Braun

Press Officer

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