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Investor Relations

Investor relations

It's always good to know who you're doing business with. As an investor or business partner, find all important information on LBBW's activities and results here.

Banking is based on mutual trust. This is why it is so important to us to communicate transparently and comprehensibly with all of our stakeholders. We keep you up to date as regards how and where we do business, what our figures are like, and how others rate us.

How we make sure that you are always kept fully informed:

Financial reports

How is the LBBW Group developing? Here you can find annual reports, annual financial statements, half-year figures and other sets of figures.

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IR reports

What's new? IR-relevant press releases, ad-hoc notifications, presentations and the results of the EU stress test.

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Regular scrutiny: What ratings do Moody's and Fitch give LBBW?

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Sound refinancing on the capital markets

Just like companies, banks are also dependent on funding in order to do business and make investments. LBBW pursues a wide-ranging funding strategy and obtains the necessary liquidity through a variety of refinancing instruments for private clients, institutional investors and international investors.

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Current results

LBBW reports and acts. In the current annual report and in the current sustainability report.

Annual report 2018

Looking back at the past financial year: LBBW's key business figures, summarized for you.

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Sustainability report

How does responsible business management work? Here you can find out more about LBBW's social commitment.

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Do you have any questions?

These are your contacts:

Andreas Wein, Head of Funding & Investor Relations bei der LBBW

Andreas Wein

Head of Funding & Investor Relations
Tel.: +49 711 127-28113*

Peter Kammerer, Head of Investor Relations bei der LBBW

Peter Kammerer

Head of Investor Relations
Tel.: +49 711 127-75270*

Sabine Weilbach, Ansprechpartnerin für Investor Relations bei der LBBW

Sabine Weilbach

Investor Relations
Tel.: +49 711 127-75103*

Achim Walter, Ansprechpartner für International Funding bei der LBBW

Achim Walter

International Funding
Tel.: +49 711 127-75209*

* Telephone calls are recorded automatically.

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