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"Made in Germany" has not lost any of its impact. German quality and efficiency are highly regarded the world over – and if financial assistance is required: LBBW

The German economy thrives on exports. What German companies with the quality seal "Made in Germany" have to offer is in demand worldwide. This ultimately gives rise to job security and prosperity in Germany. The Federation of German Industries says: "Foreign trade is the primary engine of economic growth." It is LBBW who ensures that this engine does not start sputtering by hedging the financial risks of German exporters.

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of risks involved. Free trade between countries is under threat in many places, with protective tariffs and other barriers and walls making it more difficult to exchange goods and services. And then there is the ever-present risk of payment defaults. Exporters are wise to play it safe, especially when dealing with new business partners, deliveries to exotic countries and high order values. This is where a financial partner comes in handy. LBBW offers companies a wide range of instruments for hedging their international business exposure. We grant export finance facilities in the form of buyer's credit and forfaiting, supply letters of credit and bank guarantees, handle payment transactions and perform foreign currency transactions.

Foreign trade is the primary engine of economic growth.

Federation of German Industries

Our services

Export finance

How to improve your liquidity in foreign countries while minimizing risk.

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Letters of Credit / Guarantees

We safeguard your cross-border transactions by effective means such as letters of credit, guarantees and sureties.

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Foreign payment transactions

We offer you a transparent and convenient way of regulating your cross-border payment transactions.

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International network

18 locations in 17 countries – this is the core of our international network. And it is growing all the time.

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Country reports

We put our expertise at your disposal, regularly sounding out the economic and political situation in more than 100 countries.

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Providing security in insecure markets

Where appropriate, we are happy to arrange Hermes export credit guarantees (Euler Hermes cover) with the German Federal Government to secure the payments made by our corporate customers in emerging and developing countries even more effectively against economic and political risks. So that you can keep an overview, we analyze the political and economic situation in more than 100 country reports, which we update on a regular basis.

LBBW firmly believes that a bank should not only manage transactions and lending, but also act as a contact for future-related issues – with local branches. This is why our specialists are based wherever our customers conduct their business, in 17 locations across 16 countries.

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