Acquisition Finance

It's about more than mergers and acquisitions: LBBW helps private equity investors and companies to make their acquisition plans a reality.

Every company has its price. Whoever wants to acquire needs sufficient financing – and has to handle everything that goes with it. This is where LBBW can help. Whether you are a private equity or strategic investor, our experienced team will support your efforts to succeed and assist in developing integrated, cash-flow-based finance solutions that also take into account any other financing requirements, e.g. for capital expenditure, working capital needs or strategic projects.

LBBW will provide its support for the following:

  • You are planning to acquire another company to implement your corporate strategy (strategic acquisition).
  • You are or intend to become a managing director and would like to acquire the company, either alone or together with partners (MBO/MBI).
  • You are looking for investments in companies or financial investments (private equity transactions).
  • You plan to acquire the majority of shares of a publicly listed company, requiring the submission of a public takeover bid (public offer).
  • You need a temporary financing solution until the final financing structure has been set up (bridge financing).
  • You would like to optimize the capital structure of your company.

In each of these scenarios, we will not only provide financing but assist you in creating a capital structure that enables you to act entrepreneurial and strategically.

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Acquisition Finance


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