Cash Management

Liquidity Management

Staying solvent at all times: LBBW's liquidity management team makes sure that your company always has enough cash to function.

Fluctuating exchange rates and commodity prices, outstanding customer invoices or sudden unexpected capital expenditure: There are many reasons why companies may need money at short notice and need to maintain sufficient liquidity, especially for international business. LBBW manages your funds and payment transactions to make sure you have sufficient cash availability at crucial moments. We know a thing or two when it comes to treasury – in low and negative interest rate environments, we try to find the best investment solutions for your cash on hand that also provide you with adequate liquidity. We can help you to further improve your liquidity by optimizing your terms of payment.

Minimize risks with preemptive liquidity planning

We are not able to predict the future. But we can get quite close and work with you to develop a financial strategy that provides you with security in what can often be turbulent times in the day-to-day running of your business. Formulating a joint liquidity plan involves looking at your assets, expected revenues, ongoing costs and planned capital expenditure in addition to any potential risks that need to be mitigated financially. This ensures that you maintain sufficient liquid funds and avoid insolvency.

Cash pooling – pool your accounts to generate greater liquidity

Companies are complex entities and often have many accounts. This creates a situation whereby some accounts are idle with funds that are unutilized while other accounts are in the red and accruing interest payments. LBBW offers you the perfect solution with cash pooling, which pools the balances of company accounts held in Germany. This translates into lower costs and higher liquidity.

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