Man looks left: LBBW has its corporate customers in view

Corporate clients

Be it an SME or a Group: Every corporate customer is supported in the best possible way at LBBW.

Is life a long, calm river? For companies, it's more like paddling through foaming whitewater, where skill, drive and intelligence matter. The target remains the same: Meet customer requirements successfully. What changes, however, is the path to this target. Customer demands change, market opportunities open or close, competitors overtake or fall behind. A new challenge is already waiting around the next bend of the river.

LBBW – the ideal partner

It's not always possible to go it alone. Every company therefore needs a partner to help them overcome challenges. A partner that helps drive innovation to market success or finance the building of a factory at a new location, advises on strategic acquisitions and also assists with the first steps in a foreign country. LBBW does all this and much more for its corporate customers, global corporations and regionally-based SMEs.

LBBW's customers include many hidden champions: Often family-owned SMEs that are among the global market leaders in their segment. You know that the LBBW claim "breaking new ground" is our mission statement. We think and operate like small and medium entrepreneurs and use our expertise and our regional roots to cater to each of our customers on site in the best way possible.

We are where our customers need us

As a universal bank, we cover the entire range of services that companies expect from their bank. And we work hard to exceed these expectations. Because we venture into new areas, as shown by our innovative blockchain promissory note loans and green bonds . Because we are situated across the world in locations where our customers do business - whether in Dubai, London or Shanghai. At 17 international locations in 16 countries, we support global players from Germany – SMEs and multinational corporations.