Security Information


Users' ever-rising expectations regarding the interactivity, comfort, flexibility and experience content of websites are of great benefit in your day-to-day use. Like most banks and financial service providers, LBBW aims to offer this market standard on the Internet to you. This also requires the use of JavaScript, a programming language which, while offering the benefits mentioned above, requires a certain vigilance in its use.

Please be assured that the JavaScript we use on our web pages does not entail any threats to your PC or your data.

In theory, you can protect yourself against any potential threats from the Internet by deactivating the JavaScript function in your browser. However, this would mean that comfortable and easy navigation are no longer possible and that you might experience problems accessing a number of web pages.

We therefore recommend that you protect yourself online and that you take meaningful measures to stay safe:

  • Useful measures include anti-virus software that can protect you from the misuse of JavaScript. We recommend that your anti-virus programs be kept updated and that they analyze JavaScript program codes in real time (while a web page is being loaded) for potential threats.
  • Suitable tools currently available for the analysis of JavaScript.
  • A personal firewall. A personal firewall is software that is installed on your PC and constitutes a protective shield against threats from the Internet.
  • Moreover, you should always use an updated version of a modern browser.


We do not use ActiveX on our web pages. If you as a user personally change the default settings in the options menu of your browser, e.g. for ActiveX or scripting, this might generate a misleading notice in some browsers under certain circumstances. If you then want to view PDFs, flash or other secure multimedia files with plug-ins, due to bad implementation some browsers (including some versions of Internet Explorer) will incorrectly advise that you are downloading ActiveX or script elements. You can make the notice disappear by clicking on OK. However, this notice may, depending on the browser settings and the website, appear multiple times.


In some areas we use the modern and secure PDF technology to download forms which you can then print immediately using the free Adobe software.

Do you have questions about the Security Regulations of LBBW?

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