EURIBOR 3M account.


Payment management at attractive conditions

Our current account with payment function supports your financial management worldwide.

Our business account offers a high degree of transparency and equivalence with the interest rate on any borrowing coupled to 3-month EURIBOR - a European money-market reference rate.

  • Transparency: when does the debit interest rate change? Any changes in the reference rate have an impact on your debit interest rate.
  • Equivalence: to what extent does the borrowing rate change? Changes in the reference rate work in both directions: any reduction in the reference rate by X percentage points leads to a reduction in your debit interest rate by the same amount; any increase in the reference rate by Y percentage points leads to an increase in your debit rate by the same amount.

For interest on any overdraft in the current month, we use the 3-month EURIBOR* which is calculated two business days before the beginning of the month. In effect, therefore, you get a separate overdraft rate every month for any utilization.

Current interest rates are available for download as a file.

You can also find out the details and conditions applying to our business accounts along with reference rates from your bank adviser.

*EURIBOR (Euro InterBank Offered Rate) is an unweighted average rate for term money in interbank business.


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