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Online travel management with CorporateWorld

CorporateWorld is a modern online travel management system developed together with Mastercard and other partners to meet the requirements of business travellers. CorporateWorld opens the gate to online travel management from making bookings, paying and settling accounts, and provides up-to-the-minute travel information and comprehensive insurance services and other facilities. The key to the varied business travel services is the CorporateWorld Mastercard.

The CorporateWorld Mastercard naturally also entitles you to just settle payments quickly and without cash at over 30 million Mastercard partners across the world: in hotels, restaurants, airlines, for train tickets or rental cars.

Regardless of whether you decide on the Classic or Premium CorporateWorld Mastercard, there is a large number of benefits awaiting you:

  • Great deals for business travellers
  • Comprehensive range of services and insurance facilities
  • Improved travel expense controlling through extensive evaluation options
  • Electronic processing of travel expenses
  • Accelerated settlement of travel expenses
  • Avoidance of any travel expense advances
  • 28 days allowed for payment upon receipt of the monthly invoice
  • Competitive price rates
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