Working Capital Financing.


Perfect security for your funds

Working capital financing covers short-term borrowings which ensure the liquidity of your company. We can offer you all forms of financing.

Current account overdraft facility

We provide you with a line of credit on your business account which you can draw down on and repay at any time depending on your needs and requirements.

Money market loan

If you know what your borrowing requirements will be for a particular period, we can finance these with a money market loan. The interest rates agreed depend on the contract terms, amount borrowed and the term of the loan.

Discount loan

A discount loan can be used to convert your trade bills into liquidity: If you agree payment by bill of exchange with your supplier or customer you can present the bill of exchange to us for refinancing.

Bank guarantee

You have received an advance payment from a customer who wants a guarantee as security or want to release a retention amount by means of a guarantee? We can provide you with any type of guarantee within the scope of your working capital financing, allowing you to benefit from our credit worthiness and reduce the pressure on your liquidity.


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