Brokerage of commercial properties.


In the field of investment in commercial properties , we are the partner for private and institutional investors from Germany and abroad which are interested in leased commercial properties. In this context, properties with an appropriate earnings profile combining solid terms of contract with an attractive utilization scheme are given priority to. Furthermore, also properties with a high potential are demanded.

  • business premises and residential building
  • office complex and office building
  • administration building and training centre
  • supermarket
  • strip mall
  • hotel
  • nursing home
  • logistics and industrial property
  • housing portfolio

Our clients in the field of commercial properties are especially represented by owner-occupiers of office complexes and office buildings, of industrial and commercial properties and of shopping and service centres most of all situated in Greater Stuttgart. We also have specialists in matters of leasing of office and shop spaces (Stuttgart) as well as of production and storage areas (economic region Mittlerer Neckar) who support our clients in these market sectors.

In the commercial field (Sales and Rent out):

  • storehouses
  • production halls
  • plots of land
  • office accommodation
  • retail shops

The commercial properties brokerage specialists are centralised in Stuttgart.

Our range of services offered to sellers and purchasers, lessors and lessees:

  • advisory service on the present situation of the market and the sales opportunities
  • determination of a realistic sales price
  • determination of the market value
  • elaboration of a marketing strategy
  • preparation of sales promoting brochures containing pictures and ground-plans
  • presentation of the offers in the internet and in the branches – by request
  • establish contact with potential buyers
  • advertisements in regional and national newspapers
  • presentation of reports on a regular basis concerning the sales progress
  • by request a certification of the purchaser’s financing capacity or a reference concerning the lessees can be obtained
  • registration of preferred criteria – selection of properties at the indicated location and surroundings and preparation of offer
  • provisioning of documents concerning the property
  • establishment of contact with a financing adviser – by request
  • assistance in inspections of a property
  • cooperation concerning the preparation of a sales contract draft
  • accompany the contracting parties to the notary

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