Corporate Pension Plan .


Best possible hedging facility for your pension risks

At present, German companies record unsecured pension provisions. Should these pension obligations ever be claimed, the companies would experience an outflow of funds in undreamt-of amounts.

This makes qualified advice an absolute must. Managing an important topic such as pension obligations requires more than a standard solution. Together with our specialists we evaluate the current situation and the possible options. Such options will take into account not only the company's individual situation but social security and labour law provisions.

Our team of experts will help you structure existing pension obligations and provide professional advice for the following two basic requirements:

  • Full financing of pension provisions (through the ongoing development of pension assets and hedging of benefit-related risks)
  • Shifting pension provisions (e.g. to a pension fund or CTA)

We also provide advice in respect of:

  • Asset liability management
  • Asset management
  • Balance sheet structure management
  • Balance sheet-optimised financing solutions
  • Pension schemes for managers

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