Manage the risks and use your potential

Innovative financial instruments allow you to manage investment risks effectively and to exploit additional potential systematically.

Hedging your risks

Today, the risks associated with the money and capital markets can generally be controlled using derivate financial instruments as follows:

  • Interest rate risks and foreign exchange risks related to bonds using interest rate swaps, forward rate agreements, interest rate floors, synthetic bond futures or differing types of options, which can also be on the instruments listed here
  • Foreign exchange risks related to shares using a wide range of put options (shares or index options) or index futures
  • Currency exposure using currency futures
  • Del credere risks using credit default swaps or credit-linked notes

Seize the opportunity

Interest forecasts, probability scenarios, credit ratings and forecasts of macroeconomic development make it possible for us to make recommendations on things like the average remaining life of a bond portfolio or the systematic exploitation of probable interest rate movement. Some of the instruments which can be employed to this end are:

  • Interest rate swaps
  • Futures
  • Forward rate agreements
  • Options

Above-average participation in price movement or stagnation in the shares and currency market is possible with

  • Options
  • Futures
  • Certificates (discount, turbo or alpha certificates)
  • FX futures

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