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The Supervisory Board of Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) has appointed Thorsten Schönenberger as a Member of the Board of Managing Directors of LBBW. The appointment will be from 1 August 2017. Mr. Schönenberger will become the Board Member responsible for real estate and project financing, a task previously jointly overseen by the Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors, Rainer Neske.

"Mr. Schönenberger will increase LBBW's Board of ManagingDirectors as a proven expert in the important area of real estate", said Christian Brand, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of LBBW. Mr. Brand added that he was delighted that the Supervisory Board had been able to fill the position from LBBW's own ranks. The Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of LBBW, Rainer Neske, said: "Mr. Schönenberger has built up the area of real estate financing into a major pillar of earnings for the bank in the last few years. I am convinced that as a Member of the Board with an extended area of responsibility, he will make a major contribution to LBBW's success." For his part, Thorsten Schönenberger said: "I look forward to develop the real estate and project financing business further in my new position of responsibility." As a Member of the Board of Managing Directors of LBBW, Mr. Schönenberger will be responsible for real estate, project financing, real estate management, group organization and for the two subsidiaries, LBBW Immobilien Management GmbH and BW Immobilien GmbH. Thorsten Schönenberger was born in the Saarland in 1972 and is married. After a banking apprenticeship and a subsequent degree in business administration at the Freie Universität in Berlin, Mr. Schönenberger worked from 2002 onwards at the Hamburgische Landesbank and HSH Nordbank in Hamburg and New York where he gained experience in the field of international real estate financing. In 2008, Mr. Schönenberger moved to Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen, and then in May 2011, he took over as Head of Commercial Real Estate Financing at LBBW. Since January 2016, Mr. Schönenberger has been Member of the Executive Management Board at LBBW.

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