May 18, 2020

New Supervisory Board of LBBW appointed

Press release

The General Meeting today appointed the members of the Supervisory Board of Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) as scheduled. The Supervisory Board consists of 21 members. Fourteen members were appointed at the proposal of the owners. The seven employee representatives were elected by the Bank's employees a few weeks ago and confirmed today by the General Meeting in accordance with the results of the election. Directly after the General Meeting, the Supervisory Board constituted itself and - as proposed by the General Meeting - re-elected Christian Brand as Chairman and Edith Sitzmann MdL as Deputy Chairperson.

The Supervisory Board is composed of the following members:


Christian Brand
Former Chairman of the Board of Management of L-Bank

Deputy Chairperson

Edith Sitzmann MdL
Minister of Finance of the State of Baden-Württemberg

Members of the Supervisory Board (in alphabetical order):

Jörg Armborst
Employee Representative of LBBW

Jens Baumgarten
Employee Representative of LBBW

Wolfgang Dietz
Lord Mayor of the town of Weil am Rhein

Helmut Himmelsbach
Lord Mayor (retired)

Gabriele Kellermann
Member of the Board of Managing Directors of BBBank eG

Bettina Kies-Hartmann
Employee Representative of LBBW

Fritz Kuhn
Lord Mayor of the State Capital Stuttgart

Sabine Lehmann
Employee Representative of LBBW

Dr. Fritz Oesterle
Attorney of law

Martin Peters
Managing Partner of Eberspächer Group of companies

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reinhart MdL
Chairman of parliamentary group, lawyer

Christian Rogg
Employee Representative of LBBW

Jutta B. Schneider
Executive Vice President Global Services Delivery, SAP SE & Co. KG

Peter Schneider
President of the Sparkassenverband Baden-Württemberg (the Savings Banks Association of Baden-Württemberg)

Wiebke Sommer
Employee Representative of LBBW

Dr. Florian Stegmann
State Secretary and Head of the State Chancellery of Baden-Württemberg

Dr. Jutta Stuible-Treder
Managing Partner of EversheimStuible Treuberater GmbH

Burkhard Wittmacher
Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of Kreissparkasse Esslingen-Nürtingen

Norbert Zipf
Employee Representative of LBBW