Card Terminals.


Card terminals for all requirements

According to the EuroHandelsinstitut (EHI) around 37% of sales in German retail are generated by card payment, a figure which EHI forecasts will increase to over 40% by 2012. In order not to loose any potential customers, it is essential to offer the facilities for payment by card.

Our partners B+S Card Service GmbH and TeleCash GmbH enable us to provide you with a wide range of card terminals for varying requirements: from simple, inexpensive direct debit terminals and the latest top models with hybrid card scanners to special solutions in the form of mobile terminals and complex cashregister connections.

Payment types

electronic cash/ girocardElectronic direct debitGeldKarte
Proof of identityPIN SignatureSmart card
Secure paymentguaranteednot
Authorisation fees0.3% of turnover, minimum € 0.08 -- 0.3% of turnover, minimum € 0.01
Suitable for example forlarge sums, passing tradesmall sums,
regular customers
small sums
Maestro / V PAYCredit card
Proof of identityusually PINSignature
Secure paymentguaranteedguaranteed
Authorisation feesapprox. 1% of turnoverapprox. 3% of turnover
Suitable for example forforeign customerslarge sums, foreign customers

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