Partners of the LBBW Collection

View from above of the LBBW entrance at the Stuttgart headquarters

Joining forces to promote Art

By collecting art, LBBW demonstrates its appreciation of art as an integral part of its corporate culture. The expansion of the art collection through frequent acquisitions of works by contemporary artists and regular loans from the collection to German and international museums, art societies, and institutions represent LBBW's social and cultural commitment and its active approach to sustainability.

LBBW is eager for works from the collection to be made accessible to the public on a regular basis. Along with major exhibitions of the LBBW Collection such as "Zoom" and "Extended", for which companion catalogs were published, LBBW regularly opens the doors of its headquarters in Stuttgart to the general public.

The ongoing partnerships between LBBW and the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, the Kunsthalle Mannheim, and the art fairs ART COLOGNE and art KARLSRUHE underline LBBW'S desire to promote the visual arts, cultural education, and engagement with the public through themed fair presentations as well as collection collaborations and permanent loans.

LBBW Otto Dix Room at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart in the cityscape in the evening
Das Kunstmuseum Stuttgart im Stadtbild am Abend, © Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Foto: Brigida Gonzalez

The partnership between LBBW and the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart goes back a long way: The bank has supported the art museum since its new building was opened in 2005, and started sponsoring it during major themed and special exhibitions in 2015. In addition, LBBW has made wide-ranging contributions to the museum's outstanding Otto Dix collection through loans and donations, and has been awarded the naming rights to the LBBW Otto Dix Room by Stuttgart City Council. One of the artist's most important works, "Bildnis der Tänzerin Anita Berber (Portrait of the Dancer Anita Berber)" from 1925, is also on display there, on permanent loan from the LBBW collection.

Collection Collaboration with the Kunsthalle Mannheim

The building of the Kunsthalle Mannheim from the aerial perspective
Außenansicht der Kunsthalle Mannheim im Stadtbild, © Kunsthalle Mannheim, Foto: Heiko Daniels

LBBW has been in a collection collboration with the Kunsthalle Mannheim since 2019. Contemporary works from the LBBW Collection, including multimedia installations, have been supplementing and expanding the Kunsthalle's own collection ever since. As a result, the partnership broadens public awareness of modern and contemporary art.

Main Sponsor of art KARLSRUHE

Frontal view from the main entrance of the art KARLSRUHE fair
Die Messe Karslruhe lädt zur Kunstmesse art KARLSRUHE, © Messe Karslruhe, Foto: Jürgen Rösner

Ever since it was first held in 2004, art KARLSRUHE has been an annual magnet for international visitors, especially from nearby France and Switzerland. As one of its main sponsors, LBBW has been a partner of the art fair right from the start. In 2020, art talks on special subjects relating to the art on display were held once more as part of the LBBW Art Lounge for specially invited clients of the bank. LBBW will again be a partner of art KARLSRUHE when it is next staged in 2022.

Partner of ART COLOGNE

Frontal view from the main entrance of the Messe ART COLOGNE
Impressionen von der ART COLOGNE 2019, © Koelnmesse / ART COLOGNE

Established in 1967 as “Kölner Kunstmarkt”, ART COLOGNE is one of the oldest art fairs in the world, and is still regarded as one of the most important showcases for outstanding, high-quality art from the 20th and 21st centuries. The first major high-profile exhibition of the LBBW Collection after LBBW's successful restructuring was staged here in 2018, with numerous highlights from the collection on display. In the context of the partnership, ART COLOGNE remains a key platform for presentations of the LBBW Collection, which have been accompanied by the LBBW Art Talks, in a media partnership with the art magazine MONOPOL, since 2019.