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Chief Economist Dr Moritz Kraemer

To the point! | September 23, 2022

Italy before the elections - A Meloni government will be less radical than many fear

Parliament will be re-elected in early elections in Italy on Sunday. All polls point to a victory for the right-wing conservative alliance. Thus, in all likelihood, Giorgia Meloni will become Italy's first female Prime Minister. The attitude of Italy's new government will probably become more value-conservative. In terms of economic policy, however, many of the dreaded nasty surprises are unlikely to materialize.

ECB plans anti-fragmentation instrument

The euro symbol as a sculpture

Why the anti-fragmentation instrument planned by the European Central Bank is likely to be an own goal is explained by our Chief Economist Dr Moritz Kraemer in an article for the OMFIF Forum.

ECB risks raising expectations it cannot fulfil
by Moritz Kraemer 29 June 2022
OMFIF Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum

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Current study shows credit risk due to damage to ecosystems

In a groundbreaking study, our Chief Economist Moritz Kraemer and scientific colleagues analyse the impact of biodiversity loss on the creditworthiness and economic resilience of economies.

Nature Loss and Sovereign Credit Ratings

SOAS University of London

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Biodiversity Loss May Push Developing World Closer to Default
Bloomberg Europe Edition

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