Those who lend money should make sure that they have enough of it themselves. LBBW refinances its business with attractive and sustainable issues.

The three pillars of our refinancing

Our issuing activities are as varied as our clients. We issue various different securities to obtain long-term, stable refinancing on the capital markets. In doing so, we focus on three pillars:

  • issuing for private clients
  • issuing for domestic, institutional investors
  • issuing for international investors under the EMTN program

Our international and domestic issues can take the form of covered bond issues (Pfandbriefe), uncovered or subordinated issues. We use the EMTN program for issues in various international currencies in addition to the euro.

To our issuing programs

Social Bond – socially investing with LBBW’s bonds

To make our funding ever more sustainable, we now also issue Social Bonds – and by doing so we offer investments with a social impact for institutional clients.

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Green bond: LBBW as a pioneer of sustainable refinancing

Because we are already thinking about the future, we make our issues sustainable, too. In 2017 we issued our first green bond with a record volume of EUR 750 million, the largest green bond issue by a European commercial bank up to that date. We are using the proceeds from this "green" bond to fund energy-efficient properties and renewable energy projects.

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Bonds and covered bonds: How else we refinance our business

Here you can find more information about our bonds and covered bonds (Pfandbriefe).

Here you can find the quarterly reports on LBBW's covered bonds (Pfandbriefe) (publications in accordance with section 28 of the German Pfandbrief Act):

Here you can view a regularly updated selection of outstanding LBBW bonds:

534.7 KB | January 01, 2020

Outstanding Issues

A list of the L-Bank transactions taken on by LBBW can be found here:

179.5 KB | June 01, 2018

Merger-Related Assumed Debt

The abolition of guarantor's liability for public-sector financial institutions in 2001 has an impact on LBBW's existing liabilities. Here you can find information on the agreements with the European Commission dated 17 July 2001 and 28 February 2002:

Informationen über die Vereinbarungen mit der EU-Kommission

Our awards

LBBW refinances itself sustainably - this commitment is rewarded with awards.

Award "Corporate Responsibility Prime"
Award “Best Global Issuer 2017"
Award "Climate Bond Certified"

Final terms and conditions

As an issuer, LBBW is obliged to publish final terms and conditions on the internet based on the prospectus requirement in accordance with the German Securities Prospectus Act and due to the requirements of its base prospectuses. They can be found at LBBW Markets in the sections entitled "Bonds" (for non-structured products) and "Certificates and warrants" (for structured products).

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Peter Kammerer, Head of Investor Relations bei der LBBW

Peter Kammerer

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Sabine Weilbach, Ansprechpartnerin für Investor Relations bei der LBBW

Sabine Weilbach

Investor Relations
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Achim Walter

International Funding
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