Professional management of risks from interest rates, currencies and commodities

Fluctuations in the international financial and commodities markets and the constantly changing business environment cause insecurity among market participants. For companies it is therefore all the more important to be aware at all times of the nature and extent of the risks arising from outstanding interest rate, currency and commodity positions. Professional management of these risks is thus of fundamental importance for value-based risk management of company finances.

The critical factors in respect of our management approach are your personal market assessment and that of our derivatives experts. Naturally we take into account the individual financing and risk structure of your company. Your customer advisor will work in close co-operation with the derivatives specialist. The aim is to replace the complex interest rate and currency structure with a calculable interest rate and currency risk profile.

In the framework of our comprehensive risk management service we also monitor risks arising from commodity price inflation. We propose to you the use of forward transactions, options and options strategies and metal-indexed interest rate strategies for the purpose of hedging and optimization.


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