The flexible software solution - tailored to your needs

Modern businesses need modern financial management. Every company has its own individual requirements and thus different needs as far as the up-to-date processing of its finances is concerned.

For businesses "off the peg" solutions are therefore not a meaningful alternative in the majority of cases.

The multi-bank-enabled electronic banking software SFirm offers solutions that provide an exact fit in this respect.

Thanks to its modular structure, adaptable modern interface and simple expandability, SFirm allows you to enjoy the maximum degree of flexibility.

We have collected the various modules into packages.

You can use the EBICS communication channel for data transmission.

SFirm can be installed on a single workstation or in a network. Of course, our specialists will be there on site if needed.


NEW: App Finance cockpit

From now you can use the Finance cockpit app to access account balances and trends, turnovers and open payment mandates directly from your SFirm 4.0. The Signature folder app can be opened with the tap of a finger, enabling you to authorize payments securely via EBICS. Like your SFirm, the Finance cockpit is compatible with many banks and can thus map many different institutions.
The Finance cockpit app is optimized for tablets and smartphones.


Demo version SFirm 4.0

The self-installing file enables you to

  • update an existing SFirm installation (full version) to version 4.0
  • repair an existing SFirm of version 4.0
  • install a 60-day demo version

Having used the demo version, are you interested in continuing? To place your order for a full version that is precisely adapted to your requirements, please speak to your customer adviser.

NEW: Demo version SFirm 4.0

Download Demo Version SFirm 4.0


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