Investment Financing.


Customized financing for more flexibility

Each investment loan is matched to the item being financed and your liquidity, giving you a high measure of flexibility. This is mirrored in the term of the loan, the structuring of the conditions and the repayment terms.

Loan term

Your plans and your personal perceptions are important criteria when deciding how long the loan should run. We usually suggest a term which corresponds to the normal useful life of the capital goods.


You can either agree a fixed interest rate for one or more years so that you know exactly what your investment will cost, or you can decide in favour of a variable interest rate or favourable capital market rates which enable you to profit from drops in interest.


We offer

  • Annuity loans with unchanging instalments throughout the fixed interest period
  • Loans where the instalments constitute a constant principle repayment amount and falling interest.
  • Loans which are repayable upon maturity

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