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When selling goods and services, the question of finance often plays a key role. The customer may be interested in buying, but hesitates because he or she does not have ready cash, does not want to use open credit facilities or apply to the bank for a loan.

Our sales financing product makes it easier for your customer/buyer to decide to buy because you are able to offer suitable finance with the product.

At a glance:

Benefits to you include:

  • You enhance the quality and attractiveness of your offer for your customer/buyer
  • You increase the chance of a sale
  • You give yourself an edge over competitors
  • You improve your liquidity and put less pressure on your capital

=> You increase revenue by adding concrete value


  • Sale of definable consumer and capital goods (e.g. cars, machines) – financing of goods delivery agreements is also possible
  • Sale of goods direct to end customer (companies and private end customers)
  • Finance potential > EURK 1,000.0 p.a.
  • Total finance amounts for customer from EURK 10.0 with terms of between 12 and 72 months as a rule

We shall be pleased to inform you in person about product details – just give us a call!


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