Leasing – The modern financing alternative

LBBW bundles and coordinates its leasing business in LBBW Leasing GmbH. There are three companies operating under this holding: Both wholly-owned LBBW subsidiaries SüdLeasing (centre of expertise movable equipment leasing) and MKB Bank / MMV Leasing (centre of expertise small-volume equipment leasing), as well as the 51%-ownd subsidiary LHI Leasing (centre of expertise real estate leasing, structured financing, funds).

Are you planning to buy a machine or new factory premises? Do you want to upgrade your company’s data processing to the latest standard? But you are unable or prefer not to invest your own capital? Leasing is the solution!

The leasing company buys the investment good. You pay a fixed monthly tax-deductible rate in return for using this good and thus do not need to employ any capital of your own.

LBBW Leasing Group’s product range includes real estate, movable equipment and vehicle leasing. It also includes vendor leasing, international leasing, PPP and structured financing. Our leasing specialists will be happy to provide all the information you require and devise a tailored solution with you.

Your leasing advantages at a glance

  • Leasing protects and improves liquidity.
  • Leasing allows additional earnings if free financial funds can be otherwise used.
  • Leasing makes easier the running rationalisation (life cycle models).
  • Leasing finances itself from the earnings of the equipments ("pay as you earn").
  • Leasing subordinates an object-related credit check.
  • Leasing offers a sure calculation base.
  • Individual solutions are possible in particular cases.

Equipment Leasing


A cheap way to finance the latest technology

With equipment leasing you always have the latest technology. Regardless of the type of equipment, once the leasing period has expired you can extend it, acquire the equipment or replace it with newer technology.

Our solutions follow your business such as, for example, your investment plans abroad. But we can also contribute to your sales distribution with our fast and uncomplicated vendor leasing. Thus when making a sale you also have the option of providing leasing financing. Here are some examples:

  • engineering
  • building industry
  • medical engineering
  • transport and logistic
  • information and communication technology
  • food and beverage industry

Your individual questions play a prime role and therefore our solutions consider all the relevant factors. We arrange the leasing contracts on your behalf, which are specially designed for your industry and financial requirements. Furthermore, we offer seasonal and usage rate payments. And last but not least, we are happy to offer advice on servicing and balance sheet management.

Online platforms for sales partners

SüdLeasing and the MMV leasing online platforms are offered specially to traders and suppliers. This give you the option of devising online offers and contracts for leasing or hire purchase financing. Online platforms thus combine our experienced financing companies’ classic and proven service with promising new technologies.


Real Estate Leasing


Real estate leasing brings financial flexibility

With real estate leasing there is no need for you to tie your capital up in real estate. Instead you can use it where you see the best competitive advantages, such as for research and development, purchasing or market cultivation. You also leave your equity almost untouched , reduce your tax burden or can build up hidden reserves.

The focus is on your objectives, not our product and we therefore make suggestions for each project which are completely in tune with your specific situation and goals.

The options available in real estate leasing are manifold: if you already own property and wish to capitalize hidden reserves, Sale and lease back might be the right product for you. If you are interested in buying a particular property, you can instruct us to buy this for you and then lease it back from us with Buy and lease. At the end of the lease contract you decide whether you would like to buy the property, continue to lease it, or let it go.

In the LBBW Group, we have bundled our real estate expertise in LHI. Benefit from the long-standing experience of LHI's specialists. We know all relevant aspects, in particular the tax and accounting-related parameters and use them to your advantage.

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