Structured Financing.


One-stop financing

As part of our structured corporate financing service we analyse the total medium-term financing requirements of your company or group both on and off-balance sheet to identify ways of optimizing the financing structure in line with the intended use.

The intended use could be

  • To achieve medium to long-term financing stability.
  • To support planned growth with a financing structure aligned to this.
  • To invest in expansion.

Once we have carried out the analysis we develop a comprehensive new structure for the balance sheet covering both the assets (balance sheet contraction) and the liabilities (balance sheet funding requirements).

The new structure revolves around a syndicated loan, the application of which brings together existing bilateral loans into one financing package with medium to long-term loan terms. The funding is provided by two or more banks.

In addition to the syndicated loan, we pick the best mix for your company from the wide range of possible financing components both on and off the balance sheet. We take particular care to ensure that the components are matched both from an economic and a legal point of view.

The components include

  • Leasing
  • Factoring
  • Forfaiting
  • ABS (Asset Backed Securities)
  • Equity and equity-equivalent funds
  • Promissory note or other capital market-oriented financing form

The advantages to you

  • Comprehensive financing structure tailored to your company's needs
  • Financing stability in the medium term
  • Improvement of credit rating
  • Optimized total capital costs taking into account your corporate strategy and the intended use
  • Flexible drawdowns on the syndicated loan by different members of the group
  • Depending on the financing components selected, possibility of participating in the capital market
  • Reduction of time and administration required

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