Short-Term Deposits and Investments.


Invest excess cash in a profitable fashion

A wide range of investment options with terms of up to twelve months make it possible for you to make the most of the interest on any short-term excess cash.

Liquikonto – The cash account

The cash account is a free investment-only account which attracts interest based on near-money market rates, namely 85% of the 1-month Euribor at present.

Current interest rates and the interest history can be downloaded in PDF format.

Term deposits

Whether you invest in term deposits depends both on how you wish your money to be available and on what interest rates you expect. If you will need the funds in the short term on a particular date, for example, and are expecting interest rates to rise sharply in the short term, you could profit from fixed interest rates and a short investment term.

You can fix the term yourself anywhere between 30 and 359 days. The amount invested will thus be available together with the interest income on the exact date it is required, whether in euros or a foreign currency. Your adviser will be happy to provide you with the current interest rates and any further information you require.


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