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LBBW Needs No “Fresh Money”

On the basis of discussed significantly higher future capital requirements (core Tier 1 ratio of 9%), Landesbank Baden- Wuerttemberg (LBBW) has calculated various scenarios against the background of its sovereign exposures. In an unfavorable instance, a capital need in very manageable size would occur. This is also confirmed by the results of the last stress test communicated to the bank. The bank is able to satisfy the requirements identified within the requisite periods. No "fresh money" (external capital) is required.

The question of converting or strengthening Silent Participations has been discussed with bank’s owners for quite some time now. Independently of the now heightened capital requirements, it had previously already indicated that this matter was to be placed on the agenda in the coming year.

In accordance with the EBA proposals, the results of the last EBA survey are enclosed:

"The total capital shortfall identified for LBBW bank is € 364 Mio.. This is a preliminary and indicative figure which is subject to change on the basis of end September data and will be reviewed by banks and supervisory authorities. It is the revised, latter figure that will form the basis for any plans required to increase levels of capitalisation in the period to June 2012."


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