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Digitalization as an Economic Factor

Digitialization as an Ecomomic Factor: What does the digital transformation mean for Germany and Baden-Württemberg? LBBW provides answers.

Many people are saying that digitalization is a topic of the future. Indeed the digital transformation with its dramatic impact on our living and working worlds has long since become one of the greatest challenges being faced today. With huge risks and a wide range of opportunities. Previously a connection to the highway was an important locational factor. Today the equivalent is the quickest connection to the data highway. The speed of the internet connection has become a benchmark for competitiveness. In terms of broadband coverage, Germany has a lot of catching up to do. But not only here. Extensive investments in education are essential if our country is not to miss the connection.

Digitalization - Consistently Leveraging Germany's Potential

Experts from the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg Research department have examined carefully the potential and risks of infrastructure, education, work and social policy. We present the most important results in the following abstract. For a more extensive presentation, refer to our Dossier – Potential and Risks of Digitalization .

Digital Transformation: Opportunities and Risks for Germany

Are you interested in more detailed presentations and analyses in respect to digitalization in Germany? Then take a look at our Dossier – Potential and Risks of Digitalization .

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