3 Questions to Armin Brestrich

We asked Armin Brestrich, General Manager of LBBW London Branch and Regional Head EMEA, about the people who use his service and what his customers expect.

Armin Brestrich, LBBW Office London

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Armin Brestrich has managed the LBBW branch in London since 2018. The banker has had a long, diversified, international career spanning three continents. Brestrich is no stranger to London. Before he took on the role of General Manager of LBBW London Branch, he had previously worked in the British financial hub for a number of years.

1. Who uses your services and expertise?

Our customer base includes many global banks, asset managers and financial market participants. For real assets, clients are domestic and international, wanting to invest in commercial real estate in the UK (especially London) and project finance transactions in the UK and Ireland. No matter how challenging or complex the financing, our teams have the depth of expertise to provide a solution to deliver optimum results.

2. What attractive options do customers often underestimate?

Customers often underestimate our global reach and great niche products; e.g. our knowledge and skillset on products such as Blockchain. They are impressed by the quality and amount of creative and innovative thinking we always apply when it comes to our product. Suffice it to say, we are a solutions-driven bank!

3. How can you surprise customers?

In London Branch we are a melting pot of culture and knowledge which helps to elevate relationships and focus on solving problems for our bank. We will go the extra mile to get things done for and with our clients. Come and speak with us to learn more!

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